Alex Pearwin

The Spectrum of Quarkonium

This post has been archived. It's pretty old and likely concerns topics that are avoidable by using more modern tools and techniques. The original text is preserved below for posterity but it may no longer be relevant or correct.

As part of my degree I’m taking a computing course which requires two project reports. The second was on finding the roots of the first Airy function in order to find the charm and beauty quark masses. The first one is in a previous post.

The report is written in LaTeX, the problem solving was done in Python, and the plotting was done with Mathematica. The entire project is open source on GitHub.


The LaTeX document has a few dependencies.

  1. atlasphysics which is bundled in the repository.
  2. siunitx is found here. It’s a nice package which simplifies typesetting units.
  3. Standard packages such as amsmath, graphicx, subfigure and float. I use the MacTex distribution for OS X, which ships with these packages by default (and ships with siunitx too).

You can view the final compiled PDF on GitHub.