Alex Pearwin


I like to spend time writing computer programs that try to solve interesting problems, including statistical analysis, web APIs, optimisation, and developer happiness.

I enjoy working in small teams building products from conception to production. After spending most of my career in Python and C++ I'm currently learning and loving Elixir. I'm also a big Nix proponent, using it to manage my development environments, and would enjoy using it more often!

Currently I’m an engineer at Multiverse, providing apprenticeships as an alternative to university. Before that I was VP of Software at Mystic AI, a serverless GPU platform for machine learning workloads.

Previously I was a high-energy particle physics research scientist at CERN. As a member of the LHCb collaboration I focused on charm production and matter-anti-matter asymmetry measurements as well as the experiment’s real-time data processing systems.

When I make something neat I put it on GitHub, and when I solve a problem that others might have I write about it here on my blog.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!